About Rokko Island

Rokko Island is a man-made island with a total area of 580 ha and a central area of 131 ha. It was completed in September, 1992 after 20 years of reclamation.

Rokko Island City (RIC ) is a Master- planned community located in the central urban function zone of Rokko Island. Kobe City developed RIC to meet a comprehensive range of urban needs of internationalization, an information- based society and aging society which expected to arise in the next century.
There are housings, schools, hospitals and hotels to provide general functions for living, working, recreation and study.
Kobe has proposed an urban resort as a new concept in city planning and city was developed by government hand in hand with private sectors to bring all the comforts and convenience to this community.

RIC is truly a unique city with numerous amenities and attractions surrounded by the beautiful setting of mountains and ocean.
Rokko Liner, new transportation system and various bus services to provide convenience out to the island and between the neighboring areas.
There are extensive recreation amenities with bike paths, jogging and walking trails, tennis courts and soccer fields for whole family.
The attractions include various restaurants, retailers,’ hotels, movie theatres and museums on the picturesque River Malls.

The community also has two international schools along with several Japanese schools and college campuses. The cosmopolitan and intellectual atmosphere attracts many foreigners from all over the world who enjoy living in RIC.

RIC offers modern urban environment in harmony with nature, offering ideal response to human needs.
Today, the community maintains this original concept and uniqueness to provide comforts and enjoyments for all the residents and the visitors.

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