About This Site

The regional information site "Rokko Island" introduces relevant information about Rokko Island to residents of Rokko Island and surrounding cities.
In 2008, the site was launched to provide information of Rokko Island’s celebration of the 20th anniversary of it’s founding.
Rokko Island is well-planned town, as well as a wealthy town; having various attractive elements such as respect of nature, art, culture and commerce.
.We provide information about shops, restaurants, and events in Rokko Island.
As well as linking the websites such as institutions or organizations located on Rokko Island, we aim to serve as a tourist guide by means of linking to the tourist attractions in Higashinada and Hanshin areas.

Inquiry: Phone/Fax (078) 842-4277
  Member of Rokko Island Area Development Association
Rokko Island http://www.rokko-island.com/神戸海の手 六甲アイランド20年 夢ときずなを育てるまち
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